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Ambushed By NPR: Part 2

[I dread (and by possibly deserve?) angry responses to today’s rant. What can I say? As the election season poisons the air I had to vent.] The road was treacherous so I hunkered down at a rural truck stop. Trucks … Continue reading

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Ambushed By NPR: Part 1

[I’ve tried to avoid politics. I’ve failed. Forgive me.] A month ago my truck and I were happily haulin’ ass when the wind started cycling into white outs. I listen to history lectures when driving is easy (Great Courses but … Continue reading

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A Query For Those With Blogger-fu

I avoid paying attention to hit counts but I’m only human. When I get a lot of hits I think “I’m glad I wrote that”. When I get relatively few I think “I ought shut my yap and go shovel … Continue reading

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The Saga Of Bowling Pin Chicken

If you haven’t read “To Freedom And Stupidity!” ignore everything and read that post first. Or just raise a toast to the deadest dumbest duck in this time zone. (Or chalk up the whole thing to Cabin Fever?) You’re still … Continue reading

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To Freedom And Stupidity!

In order to assimilate recent bad news I retreated to my Redneck Mind Palace. The roof was high and cantilevered. There were scattered fires over which steaks were being grilled. One of the fires was a heap of unfiled paperwork. … Continue reading

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Post From An “Un-Junked” Computer

Self reliance means more than stacking cans of beans in the basement. Among other things it means tinkering. Without the mindset of “I can do it” (or perhaps “I can make do with it”), you’re just a pet and milk … Continue reading

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Hello? Hello? Is this thing on?

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Monday Resolution

Whereas shit happens; Whereas there is no plumbing fairy; Whereas I finance and maintain my own water/septic system from wellhead to leech field; Whereas much of civilization depends on men wielding a round pointed shovel; and Whereas a country boy … Continue reading

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