UPDATE: It was NOT a Trap!

Mrs. Curmudgeon here. I am setting the record straight. Despite your doubts it was NOT a trap. Curmudgeon gave me the best gift ever, by not shopping for gifts. I got the electronics, pistol, and jewelry I wanted instead of obscure documentaries or magazine subscriptions, hot sauces that put real human beings in the hospital, outdoor equipment I couldn’t fathom how (or why) I would use or in what situation, another antique tractor for the door yard, strange kitchen accoutrements that don’t belong in my kitchen but might fit in at a backwoods garage or in a mad scientist’s laboratory, live animals that give me the willies (it’s never a cat or a dog or a cute little bunny rabbit), alcoholic beverages that knock you on your ass just by getting a wiff of the fumes, or crazy clothing that does not match and does not fit, but always has a surprising element to be demonstrated (often destroying the article of clothing in the process) such as glowing in the dark, exploding, sending radio signals, repelling flame, detecting radiation, fighting off insects, or withstanding sub zero temperatures. However, even if choosing gifts is not his god-given talent he can ALWAYS be counted on for bricks of ammo in the correct calibers every year. Keep up the good work A.C. – I sure do love you. Even when your Christmas gift wrecks the kitchen, destroys half the garage or “accidentally” kills that cat you despised… But thankfully not this year! Thank you for NOT doing your normal creative Christmas shopping. My hero.

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5 Responses to UPDATE: It was NOT a Trap!

  1. Phil B says:

    Admit it Guys, this Lady is the perfect woman. Any woman that does her own Christmas shopping has got to be worth a Guinea an ounce, at the very least.

    Usually the best we can hope for, after spending hours traipsing around the shops, wondering if it is the right size/colour/fabric etc., spending time, effort and sanity wrapping the presents (using double sided sticky tape and newly bought wrapping paper because using paper you bought last year is totally beyond the pale and unacceptable) and humbly presenting it to a critical and hard to please wife on Christmas day, is a curt “Did you keep the receipt?”. It is a fortunate husband that gets away so lightly. And A.C. actually gets PRAISED for NOT doing the Christmas shopping??? My advice would be to buy a lottery ticket with a lucky streak like that.

    Yep – I pray for a wife like this …

  2. Mark Matis says:

    You mean I cooked that bushel of popcorn and tapped that keg o’ beer for naught?


  3. Eowyn says:

    In a lot of ways I think it’s a lot kinder with a spouse to set a budget.

    When it comes to rifles, he takes me to the shop to try out all the models he has in mind, runs the budget past me (I’m the family bookkeeper) and then I toddle off while he picks out one of the rifles I have deemed acceptable.

    I may stack the odds a little by only liking one or two rifles, mind. πŸ™‚

    Similarly, he gets a budget and is advised to go shopping. And then I peer over his shoulder, watch what he regrets not being able to fit in the budget, and get him that on the sly. Although I think he was on to me this year.

  4. P2 says:

    All I gotta ask is…..do you have a single sister with the same mindset?????? πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

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