Sign Me Up For Tammerdammerung

The Adventures Of Roberta X explains that Tammerdammerung is

“…a version of the dreadful dark end of the Norse gods and all the world in which, just as things are at their very bleakest of bleak, all is lost and it’s all headed ineluctably downhill to rack, ruin and oblivion, The Tamara shows up, scolds the whole lot of ’em for ‘grabastic faffing about’, kicks every combatant’s backside, tames the Fenris wolf with a pat on the head and nice collar and leash, tempts and soothes the world-girdling serpent with a fat mouse, grabs Loki by the ear and adjusts his attitude permanently, does the same squared to the Frost Giants and puts ’em all back to work, straightening up the mess and puttin’ the world to rights. There’s a lot of grumbling by bigawd it gets done and in jig time. Then she hauls them out to the range so’s they can start to learn instead of being whining posers. Which is exactly as things should turn out. It’s a lovely story and it otta be a warnin’ to us all.”

I for one am all for it! I’ve had about enough “grabastic faffing about”. Really haven’t we all? The Tamara has my full support and I ought to spend more time at the range anyway.

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3 Responses to Sign Me Up For Tammerdammerung

  1. cspschofield says:

    The more any sensible per on reads about Woton, the less attractive he is. The old Zen saying “If you meet the Buddha on the road,kill him”? If you meet Woton on the road, kill him, chop him into bits, cremate the bits, bury the ashes in at least three places, and sow the ground with salt.

  2. P2 says:

    Grabastic faffing about……… Brilliant! I now know exactly how to describe the goings on at my company’s head shed. That made my day.

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