Woodpile Report: Backdated Fail Followup

If you don’t get the “Waily, waily, waily!” reference from my previous post…

STOP! Drop everything!

Immediately read The Wee Free Men (Tiffany Aching). Do it now!

It’s a wonderful book. You’ll be glad you did. Sure it’s not Shakespeare but you weren’t doing anything important anyway and you’ve earned a break. Just kick back and read it.


P.S. If you’re all hinky about reading children’s literature (you think your high falutin’ friends will make fun of you?) just pretend you’ll give to some kid for Christmas. If the kid thinks he’s too cool for the book, find a better kid. Also buy him a copy for Christmas anyway. Take away his X Box and make him read it. Tell him the Curmudgeon said so. Also if you’re worried about your high falutin’ friend’s opinions why are you reading my blog? Crivens!

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I will neither confirm nor deny that I actually exist.
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5 Responses to Woodpile Report: Backdated Fail Followup

  1. davefreer says:

    I’m a fan. But I still think you need to expand on the beer. Nanny Ogg would agree with me. So would Rob.

  2. asm826 says:

    So, is there a woodpile? Cords of appropriately lengthed and split oak drying on the racks? Woodpile reporting, epic struggles with saws and splitters, horrible leaners with the tops intertwined into big gum trees that you don’t want to drop, the history of man’s striving against nature decanted into an afternoon in the woods, these are the stories we await.

    I can read books in January sitting by the hot iron box.

    • There’s always a woodpile. The real question is to what degree is the woodpile a theoretical construct (“we at Congress have decided our nation’s energy policy is totally awesome and solar panels will make unicorns fly out of your ass”) versus a thing that exists in reality (“my woodshed is full so I don’t give a shit about anything said by a Congressman”). Make no mistake about it; the woodpile never truly vanishes.

      I’ll write about my place on that spectrum at a later date.

  3. weredragon says:

    while your at it hunt down everything else ever written by sir terry prachett, they’re almost all that good. start with disc world books.

  4. Pam says:

    Another good series to read is Dragon Breath by Ursula Vernon. Got it for the grandkids and had a hard time letting them get their slimy hands on the books. Actually made them shower before I let them take the books and read. Yes, I was a member of the Mean Moms Club, and proud of it.

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