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School Of The Road: Part 1

Two of my many (endless?) pet peeves are that People are wimps… especially if it’s a younger person. Old wimps suck but young wimps really terrify me. If you’re a wimp as a kid you’re going to be a helpless … Continue reading

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Stand Tall / Doin’ The Anti-TSA Dance

Part 1: Making fun of the TSA is shooting exceptionally stupid fish in an unusually small barrel. Yet here we are. It’s 2015 and rent a cops with a 95% failure rate fondle my junk at great expense while I’m … Continue reading

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Word For The Day / Lamest Superhero

Medicinal Latte (Noun) – A type of drink one orders when they  desperately need caffeine topped with six kinds of sugar. As implied by the term ‘medicinal’ these concoctions should be used in moderation. They’re habit forming, expensive, and when … Continue reading

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He Should Have Read A Book

In keeping with my current obsession theme of deliberate illiteracy and, more importantly, why it pisses me off, I present this: Remember folks, they walk among us! Returning to the article that set me off: “What I wonder is whether … Continue reading

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