There’s apparently some sort of sporting event going on; possibly involving advertisements. It occurs to me that not only do I not know who won, but I don’t know who was playing. However, I did wrap up some maintenance on my deer stand’s metal roof and read half a book. It has been a good day.

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  1. R says:

    The snacks are pretty good but people yelling at the TV is getting annoying. I’m looking forward to this time half when the crab cakes will be prepared.

  2. Wraith says:

    Oh yeah…that thing. So, what are they trying to do again, get the puck over the foul line or something?

    I spent my day fixing the back stairs and buying groceries. (Of course, I could have spent it giving myself paper cuts on my junk and pouring hot sauce on it, and that would have been more enjoyable than watching grown men play a child’s game.) Feels good to be productive.

  3. Donin Sacto says:

    Which book were you reading? I was reading a David Weber story in the Honor Harrington series.

    • I’m reading The Man In The High Castle by Philip K. Dick. So far it has been excellent.

      I don’t recall ever reading Honor Harrington.

      • Donin Sacto says:

        I read The Man in the High Castle a loooong time ago. Time to reread it I guess. The Honorverse (as the fans call it) has gotten pretty extensive through about 25 or 30 books. If you like military techno Sicence Fiction you could get hooked.

      • Heath J says:

        It’s a pretty decent series. Weber does love his math, And without spoiling things, I got to the 14th(?) book and didn’t finish it. The series went to fast initially, had to slow down, and didn’t recover well. Detail saturation (And this from a person that had no problem following George R R Martin grade stuff) And fuck Treecats. YMMV. Worth the read. I spent many hours crunching through them while driving OTR.

  4. Heath J says:

    Go sportsball!

    (The fan part of me says the only game that mattered was 2 weeks ago, and the Buckeye’s won. NFL has nothing on college sports)

  5. Mark Matis says:

    My understanding is that the entity responsible for that “event” is somewhat less honest than professional wrestling.

  6. TitanMk6B says:

    All I know is that two weeks after this “sporting event” is the beginning of the racing season. Call me white trash or red trash, I don’t care. Hemingway was right. Auto racing is only one of the three true sports.
    If Hemingway was alive today he would probably update his list to include homesteading.

  7. colbrug says:

    We spent the afternoon logging our 2014 tax receipts so we could get our money back from the sorry SOB’s that stole it. I would commit to watching the suckbowl every year for the rest of my life if it meant that my money was mine(an unfair trade to merely keep what’s mine, it would be like paying robbers to not rob me, or like paying DHS to keep me safe, just doesn’t make sense). Uncle Sam getting a cut off the top before I ever see 1 red cent means that I only get to keep what he lets me keep.

    I’m cutting myself off before I go into full rant mode,

    • Old Goat Patrol says:

      Have you started reading the new tax forms yet. “Shared responsability payment”. The new W2s have the amount your employer paid if you get health care through them. Next year that will be taxable.

    • Mark Matis says:

      Have you no ability to change your withholding? As long as you withhold at least the amount you owed in taxes the previous year, you can make THEM wait for YOU to pay, right up to the deadline. And you may even be able to do slightly better than that without paying a penalty, if you read the rules carefully. Or do you actually look FORWARD to them giving you some of your money back at tax time???

      • colbrug says:

        I’m not one of those people that tries to use the govt as a savings account. I think those people are idiots with a lack of self control. One of these days they’ll pull a “California” and issue IOU’s instead of currency.
        I have my withholdings maxed at what my accountant recommended. We have 2 kids, yet claim 10 on federal and 6 on state. We own a farm, and I have a day job to support my farming habit. Part of the reason we got the farm was so we could get the day job money back. The amount we get back actually pays 3/5 of our farm loans.
        Our house is on the farmland, so we write off everything except food and clothes. Electricity, water, 40% mileage, 50% business meals, etc. The fences, irrigation ditches, horse barn, hay barn, shop, land, and even the trees are depreciated. All our vehicles qualify as farm vehicles, so they’re written off.

        I’m just playing their game, by their rules.

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