The Amusing Timing Of Political Fresh Air

I’ve tried to stay away from politics but fell off the wagon. Perhaps this post will get it out of my system and I can go back to writing about the important things in life; like talking malevolent trees and raising chickens. Forgive me.

The election was November 4th. Lets see what has happened since:

  • November 14th: Dozens Of Obamacare Gruberisms: Rich Weinstein, a man disgruntled about his own experiences with Obamacare, unearthed some less than charitable comments about Obamacare. Jonathan Gruber said these things in public and on video. When? Over a period of years before and after the Obamacare debate. When did Weinstein find the videos? Last December. When did the press report it? Two weeks after the election. For the better part of a year Weinstein did his best to get the information out. The President’s little minions in the media did the usual “I can’t hear you” routine. Once the elections were over the news was posted and everyone got the vapors.  (Link here.)
  • November 18th: 42,000 Pages Of Fast And Furious Documents: In 2012 Judicial Watch filed a FOIA request about the Fast and Furious program. Look at your calendar, that was two years ago. In case you’ve forgotten, Fast and Furious was the BATF’s half baked plan to give illegal guns to Mexican criminals so the guns would be used in crime (something criminals tend to do). Then the guns could be traced back to America and they’d have an improved sales pitch against American citizens and their pesky desire to keep and bear arms. That was the next big idea; gun control in America on behalf of our suffering neighbors to the south. (I’m shocked and a little unnerved that a plot that belongs in a comic book was actually implemented. It’s like the BAFT was run by teenage boys who’d just watched a James Bond marathon.) After 2 years of foot dragging the documents were released. When was this release? Just two weeks after the election. (Link here.) Note: While I make light of the BATF’s boneheaded and illegal plot it’s unquestionable they did an evil thing. Their “plan” is implicated in many deaths. These include U.S. Border Patrol agent Brian Terry, possibly Immigration and Customs Enforcement/ Homeland Security Investigations Special Agent Jaime Zapata, and dozens if not hundreds of innocent Mexicans. It is never right to get innocent people killed to score political points
  • November 23rd: 30,000 E-mails Relating To Louis Lerner And The Matter Of IRS Targeting Conservatives: Louis Lerner is one of many people accused of specifically targeting conservative groups for IRS red tape. The plot this time was to hamper the tax exempt political activities of those mean nasty Tea Party maniacs and protect the sitting Democratic King. (If this scheme was in a comic book it would be Dilbert.) When did it happen? Right before an election (not this election). The big question is where in the chain of command the order originated. Predictably the Administration suggests it was a lone wolf with no authority, possibly a part time janitor named Fred that nobody likes and has since been fired. The boss, Louis Lerner, exercised her fifth amendment right against self incrimination while insisting that nothing incriminating had happened. No worries, just chase the paper trail and sort it out. This is why offices are awash in memos and paperwork. Congress requested the materials. Duh! The IRS, the sole reason why I have to maintain seven years of tax receipts, decided it didn’t need to hand over the data. The Administration used the “fuck you” principle in responding to Congressional subpoena until that gambit failed. Then they claimed the dog ate their homework they’d  lost all of Louis Lerner’s relevant e-mails. This happened, apparently, in a hard drive crash. (Insert joke here.) Not only did the hard drive crash erase everything but it somehow nuked all the backups, all the server records, and apparently entered the e-mail of everyone who’d received an e-mail from Lerner and mysteriously deleted it  using the heretofore undiscovered “Magic Unicorn E-mail Distribution Model”. Nobody took this seriously. The story held for a while. Three weeks after the election 30,000 e-mails were “suddenly” and “unexpectedly” discovered. As if we needed more reason to distrust the IRS. (Link here.)

That’s just three “revelations”. As far as I’m concerned, all three are an unholy collusion between an executive that likes it’s secrets and a press that likes to have it’s favorite party in power. The job of the press is to ferret out everything, on everyone, all the time. They abandon that at their peril and have nobody else to blame as their fiscal condition deteriorates. This is why nobody takes the mainstream “news” seriously. I jokingly call NPR “America’s Pravda” but NPR did indeed fail at even the most basic level of journalism. We have professional Kool aid garglers, they’re employed by the parties. We don’t need them in the press.

Sooner or later the truth comes out. Based on timing alone I am comfortable assuming the three examples I noted were already known. They could sit on it for a while but not forever.

The good news, if there is any, is that this is proof that bullshit generally comes out in the end. (See what I did there?)

The Soviet Politburo’s model of keeping secrets for generations isn’t working in America. The “press”, which is the property of and helpful eunuch to, a specific half the political spectrum, can’t keep the lid on things indefinitely. Usually they can hold it no more than one election cycle.

I predict (and it’s an easy prediction) that there will be a flurry of “unexpected revelations”, “surprising discoveries”, and “tell all books” a few days after November 8th 2016. Some are probably already written. They’ll hit the airwaves and media shortly after Obama rides into the sunset. This will happen regardless of who wins. The next few years, as balance returns to a perturbed system, things will be interesting.

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3 Responses to The Amusing Timing Of Political Fresh Air

  1. Mark Matis says:

    BATFE. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives. And Fast and Furious was only one of many such operations across the country. BATFE Agent Hope McAllister, from their Phoenix Field Division (which was responsible for F&F) is on an audio recording released by the BATFE Inspector General admitting that there were THREE guns found at the scene of Agent Terry’s murder, that the third gun pointed back at an FBI “employee” so it was “lost”, and that said gun came not from a Phoenix FFL, but instead was sold in Dallas. Now I’m not sure how well you understand large bureaucracies like BATFE, but let me point out that Dallas is NOT in the area of responsibility for their Phoenix Field Division. It is, however, on the doorstep of their Dallas Field Division. I’m sure, though, that Dallas was willing to look the other day as Phoenix ran an operation on their front porch…

    Down here in Florida we had Operation Castaway, run by the Tampa Field Division of BATFE. Smuggling weapons to Communist terrorists supporting former president Zelaya in Honduras. With help from the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office, the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office, and the Miami-Dade Police Department. Congressman Gus Bilirakis of Florida’s 12th Congressional District heard about it in the summer of 2011 and asked for an accounting. It is now the fall of 2014 and NOT EVEN ONE of those fine “Law Enforcement” agencies has been willing to give him any information. But the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office and the Tampa Field Division of BATFE were sure busy deleting files and shredding documents as soon as they heard of his request.

    Smart money says that every one of the twenty-five BATFE Field Divisions across this country had similar operations, running weapons to Mexico or Central America or gangs in the major hives in this country. But there are no honorable officers in BATFE willing to come forward and expose their felonies. After all, as Agent McAllister said about Agent Terry’s murder: “Collateral damage”.

  2. PJ says:

    “I’m shocked and a little unnerved that a plot that belongs in a comic book was actually implemented.”

    I’m not. This is the level Washington DC has been working at for years, in all departments.

    I am torn between two possible views of the ruling class. Either they are dumber than doorknobs (but think they are comic book heroes); or they are not dumb, but entertain themselves with the game, “How much asinine, absurd, ridiculous bullshit can we put into play, and still pull the wool over the eyes of the peons”. I can never figure out which, but these days I am putting my money on dumb.

    • They’re not entirely dumber than doorknobs (though some are). The other part is they’ve been smelling their own shit so long they’ve lost that little voice we’re all born with that says “I’d better not do that thing because it’s massively stupid”.

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