Dispair Is Unbecoming To Americans

…we just don’t do it well. So, quit it. Despair is for Euroweenies, the free shit army, and college students. The rest of us can tough it out and most of us will.

Even if it looks like the world is shit, it’s been shit before. Even if we’re swirling the drain. We’ve swirled before. If the nation is broke? Well I’ve been broke before and now I’ve got a freezer full of bacon. So despair can bite me.

The nation has from time to time gone off the deep end but we’ve also somehow muddled through and more often than not  excelled. We’ve outlasted shithead presidents, malcontent Congressmen, graft, greed, corruption, blind adulation, and mass stupidity. It doesn’t take much awesome to overcome a trainload of fail.

Don’t let it get you down.

Vote. Alternatively, if it’s your wont to do so, don’t vote (but please do so because you made a conscious choice to abstain). Don’t expect miracles. Dawn will come tomorrow and D.C. will still be in the hands of either the stupid party or the evil party, but on the other hand you don’t get miracles for voting. If that’s what you expect, you’re already thinking about it wrong.

Just remember, things have turned ’round before. Have heart, vote, then get yourself a cheeseburger ’cause ‘Merica!


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2 Responses to Dispair Is Unbecoming To Americans

  1. Anonymous says:

    (NOV 6th and the elections results are in) Thanks, I needed that.

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