Ammo Review: Part 5

Q: Can teach you to let go of unfounded premises?

A: Yes.

I was a little disappointed that the 20 gauge ammo was low brass instead of high brass. Then I pondered just exactly why I buy high brass? Turns out it’s just habit. I buy high brass for no good reason at all. (A similar logic gave us Washington DC.)

Maybe there’s some reason why high brass is good. (I’m sure someone will comment about how important it is.) I don’t reload shotgun shells so maybe that matters.

Over the winter I pondered the high brass in my stocks and compared it to the low brass I got as a sample. I desperately wanted to prove that high brass was better. I couldn’t. I’ve decided low brass is fine for me. Shooting both, even alternating shots, I simply couldn’t detect a lick of difference between the two. You learn something new every day.

Your mileage may vary. I prefer 20 gauge, 2 3/4″ shells and I spend most of my time shooting pump and double barrel shotguns. (Though I’ve had no issues with semi automatics.) I mostly use my shotgun for defending chickens and (missing) grouse. Maybe folks who slay clay pigeons by the gross have different needs? Perhaps, if you shoot a lot of 12 gauge magnum and low brass gums up your semi-auto (and you’re left handed on Wednesdays?), then I suppose that explains high brass.

As for me, I’ve decided high brass was an unfounded premiss. Chalk up another win for

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2 Responses to Ammo Review: Part 5

  1. Lantry says:

    I’ve reloaded shotshells for a few years and read a little about it along the way. I believe that you are correct in saying that high brass versus low brass isn’t important per-se. From what I have read, high brass was used back in the days of paper shells to protect against the more powerful shells’ (like a turkey load) larger charges of slower powder burning through a paper hull. With plastic hulls, high brass isn’t really needed for that but manufacturers still make high, medium and low brass hulls because people naturally equate high brass with a more powerful shell.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Plus, high brass is more purttier so it will command a higher price.

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