Ammo For Sale

Whoa, did that get your attention?

Instead of writing about my $25 air gun and the $0.02 pellets I’ve been slinging at an old pizza box I should write the ammo story I promised to write. Here goes:

Last year sent me ammunition to review. I know… can ya’ believe it? God loves me! I promised to review their product, point my readers to their web presence (provided I liked the ammo), and also make their teeth white and their coat glossy.

Then, in a tragic display of irresponsibility, I took the ammo hunting and forgot about where it came from. I feel guilty about that. On the spectrum of sins, I’m pretty sure mistreating people who send you free ammunition is on par with stomping puppies.

I heartily recommend Really. I mean it. I’m not saying that just because I’m a greedy yahoo that took their free stuff (though it’s certainly true that I like free stuff), I’m saying it because I’ve been pleased with everything they’ve done. Quality of service? Great. Product? It has all worked for me. Delivery? Excellent and better than my expectations of any internet order. They’re even nice on the phone.

I’ve put a link on the right side of my blog and also a permanently linked page on my header (called, unimaginatively, “store“). Or, in case that’s too obscure, there’s a hint right below:

link to

Next week I’m going to tell the story of how I got in the “review free stuff” game and also how I decided to review it like a wiseass (chronographs bore me). For example, some animals were killed in the review process and I described the yucky rug in a dive hotel. Is that not journalistic excellence? I could post a ballistics based statistical analysis but it’s my blog and I like being irreverent. (Irrelevant?)

If you’re planning on buying ammo (and if you aren’t then the terrorists win hippie!) please click over to Tell ’em the Curmudgeon sent ya. Thanks.


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2 Responses to Ammo For Sale

  1. Robert says:

    When I saw “Ammo for Sale” my first thought was “clickbait”, then “bait ‘n switch” and finally “Hey, maybe AC found an ammo source”. Pre-coffee cynicsism (spelled wrong? I’m pre-coffee) is in full swing. Thanks for the ammo link. Can I borrow $50 for ammo? No, I mean, Think Of The children!

    • I did find an ammo source… last year. Their stuff is great but I sorta’ forgot to tell everyone about ’em. This proves that bloggers are huge procrastinators.

      I’d be happy to loan you $50. I’ll deliver a $50 bill (and a pizza) anywhere in the continental US. There will be a $900 shipping and handling fee. If you spring for the $75 “rush delivery charge” I’ll toss in a brick of .22 (and another pizza). My truck is pretty fast but the pizza might get cold.

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