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Farming: Part 4

I’m going to spill lessons I learned about “amateur farming”. I’m not a “pro”. I may be wrong. I may lead you astray. This is the Internet, for all you know I’m a nine year old girl who lives in a Manhattan condo. Everyone is different and what works (or doesn’t) for me might not apply to you. You’re warned and if you act on my information good luck to you but you’ll probably screw up as badly as I have. Continue reading

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Farming: Part 3

Tractors cost a metric shitton of money. That’s a problem! Farmers, like the Federal government, solve this conundrum by spending money they don’t have. Farmers take on the kind of debt that makes my teeth hurt. (The Federal Government is … Continue reading

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Tractor Repair Reference

I’ve had a few people comment (privately) that folks who didn’t witness the tractor repair from hell have no idea why it’s taking me so long to plow a field. Therefore I’m listing some reference materials (in rough chronological order) … Continue reading

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Farming: Part 2

Repeat after me: “God bless the internal combustion engine.” Continue reading

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Farming: Part 1

I have a homestead. Because it’s a verb that applies precisely in this context, it seemed logical to engage in homesteading. Don’t judge me. What people do on the privacy of their own property is their business. Continue reading

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Not Earth Day

Today I planted a couple dozen oak trees. A few might be ready for firewood sometime around my 100th birthday. Ideally a few lucky ones will live until roughly the year 2414. Continue reading

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Farm Equipment Zen: Part 2

I had my doubts. Strapping handlebars from a Huffy onto a Buick’s engine block seemed like While E. Coyote logic. Never mind the fact that the front was a 4′ woodchipper of doom mutilating everything in sight, it was getting dragged into the next county that worried me. Continue reading

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Farm Equipment: Rant

“Overqualified” is an idea which should be killed with fire. It’s a failure of reasoning that crawled from the gaping maws of pinheads who should know better. Continue reading

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Farm Equipment Zen: Part 1

I was an intermittent college student but unlike modern herds of overeducated meatheads, it never occurred to me to wonder whether I was “overqualified”. Time for a Curmudgeonly Gem of Insight: “There’s no such thing as overqualified, only ‘I can find a job I prefer more’.” Continue reading

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This is a test. If it were a real post it would have content. Mind you it might be pathetic but there’d be verbiage dammit. B i U S quote Junk One Two Three Dot Dot Dot More crap.

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