Curmudgeon Haiku

Mrs. Curmudgeon here. A.C. is in an undisclosed location at present. No! He is NOT in jail – Jeez you guys! Where your minds automatically go… it’s training of some kind for the day job, I think. He doesn’t always give me all the details – need to know and all that – or I don’t listen, or both.

This morning he sent me these haikus that I just had to share. Not everyone is lucky enough to have a  husband who likes to communicate his morning displeasure in an arcane Japanese poetic form. Being adaptive he has changed the form to suit his purposes or he forgot the middle line is supposed to be 17 syllables – you pick.

Class started. Not me.
The coffee is consumed?!
I had none. Bull shit!

Twenty minutes later this one appeared:

Starbucks saved my ass.
Don’t ask the price. Just pay.
Everything is awesome

Yeah, I am pretty sure he stole the last line from The Lego Movie too, but let’s give him a break. It is hard to think uncaffeinated. It made me laugh out loud this morning and almost shoot my own coffee straight out my nose. Hey – since Curmudgeon is busy elsewhere I am going to give you that cat update – shhh! Our secret, right? But not now. My boss just went by again. Stay tuned 🙂

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3 Responses to Curmudgeon Haiku

  1. Raven says:

    Indeed, haiku is 17 *total* syllables, so the format is 5 – 7 – 5. He was close enough for gummit work. 😉

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