Death Wobble: Part I

Captain’s Log, Monday:

10:00 am: I’m piloting my truck down an Interstate’s flawless pavement. My glorious steel steed of freedom is a marvel of precision and torque! It is humming smoothly, tracking like I’m on rails, and hauling a righteous load that’s well strapped and aerodynamically sound. Engineering; it rules! Here I am sipping coffee in stately comfort while 300+ horsepower does my bidding. If a motorcycle is a saddled dragon, a good truck is a mighty ship, and the Interstate is a north star by which to navigate. Yes, it’s a ship. I am the captain of my own ship! I’m the king of a vehicular universe. I’m far from home, yet I do not want for home. For the road is my home and I am one with it. My destiny is to reach the horizon. It is good to be alive.


About Adaptive Curmudgeon

I will neither confirm nor deny that I actually exist.
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