This Song Will Never leave Your Head

I’ve always liked The Oatmeal but I had no idea they’d branched out into music videos. (Apparently I live under a rock or something.) My Muse shanked me tipped me off to what I was missing.

Warning: It’s entirely unsafe for work. It’s crude. It’s pretty much entirely composed of vulgarity. You have been warned. Also, once you hear the song it will never leave. You’ll hum it all day long. There is no escape!

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10 Responses to This Song Will Never leave Your Head

  1. Robert says:

    OMG. it’s it’s… you jerk, thanks alot. An innocent young thing in the next room had better hearing than I thought. Now she wants to hear it again on the big speakers and it’ll really be stuck in my head. (ensuing vulgarities regarding bloggers in general deleted). OTOH, you did preface it with a warning which, as a Real Man, I was obligated to ignore. I gotta get me a blog…

  2. Robert says:

    If it teaches them to spell pterodacdyl, it will be worth it. Many years from now, they will be on their deathbeds and the words to this vulgar song will be among their last thoughts. I need a drink.

  3. kx59 says:

    OMG, i’d completely forgotten about The Oatmeal!

  4. MaxDamage says:

    I only have so many days left on the planet, I don’t want to waste more of them with this song in my head. There is no real cure, only replacement.

    When it’s time to clear those earworms, YouTube is your friend. I have my own recipe. First, we’re going to need some Rock and Roll, something uniquely American, perhaps that Southern Rock style such as Lynyrd Skynyrd or .38 Special or even Molly Hatchet, and not that British-invasion Beatles or The Who stuff that’s all the rage. Don’t get me wrong, I think The Who are perhaps the greatest rock band to have ever lived, but I’m after home-grown obscurity. The banjo is the only instrument to have been invented in America, likely because we were the only country to have enough nerve, but let’s leave that aside for now as a requirement.

    We’re also going to need the sound of horsepower. (OK, truly we don’t need it, but what’s the point of being an American if you can’t turn fossil fuels into noise?)

    I understand music videos are all the rage these days, apparently music-only devices like mp3 players and record players being almost unknown. It would be good if we were to combine this with a truly American but almost-unknown sport, like sprint cars or snowmobile drag races, something you’re unlikely to find on ESPN.

    Guy by the name of Jamie Deere has you covered:

    The original video is not safe for work. Or home. But that’s not going to stop you, is it?

    Long live Fender Telecasters, Daisy Duke shorts, gratuitous horsepower and that new earworm you’re going to be humming at work tomorrow.

    Oh, and also long live banjo’s and a new earworm on an old song:

    No, no thanks needed. It’s a service we provide here. Really.

    – Max

  5. Phil B says:

    I worry about you … not a lot but I DO worry …

  6. rapnzl rn says:

    Awwww c’mon AC. WhadyahwannaDOthatfer??? I know I didn’t have ta listen, but sheesh. One hopelessly MIRED earworm…..

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