Today’s “Idiocracy Moment”

Hat tip to MuskegonPundit.

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11 Responses to Today’s “Idiocracy Moment”

  1. I live in a small New England town. We still have a real town meeting every spring, and every few years one of these people discovers the wonder of direct government. It’s a good two-act show when they testify on the floor and again when reality catches up to them.

  2. razorbacker says:

    It is small and mean-spirited to assume that views held in 2008 still hold sway in her mind, though that’s probably how the smart money would bet.

    • Suppose I choose to assume (in the name of charity if nothing else) that she’s made a full recovery and is now a biotech researcher with seven patents, who has mastered the flute, and can levitate with her mind. It’s still funny.

  3. Robert says:

    Oh, like, wow, man. Perhaps she should be the poster child for an anti-excessive-recreational-drug campaign. Full disclosure: I stopped paying attention to the video in short order, so it is possible she started sounding smarter. I doubt it.

  4. JoeA says:

    It all sounded so familiar, but I couldn’t place it at first. Then I remembered Flash Bazbo, Space Explorer

  5. Phil B says:

    I think you could brainwash her with a damp towel and very probably, someone already has!

  6. Tam says:

    I made it two minutes and eighteen seconds. I tried to stick it out to the end, I really did.

    I’ll never get those IQ points back, you bastard.

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