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Corporal Klinger and Phil Robertson

To protest against a person due to his religious views, and to do it in the the name of ‘tolerance’ makes no sense. It’s like eating steak in the name of vegetarianism. Continue reading

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A Christmas Movie Recommendation You’re Invited To Ignore

I refrain from recommending movies. Partly because most movies are shit. Partly because my taste in cinema, so I’ve been told, is… appalling. That said I’d like to recommend a “Christmas Horror” movie. It’s a Finnish “independent” movie called Rare Exports. Continue reading

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Zombie Christmas

This is the fourth year of a my Festivus Christmas tradition.  We gather around the warm glow of the laptop and watch A Very Zombie Holiday.  It’s a heartwarming classic!

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Duck Dynasty

Six words: Professional victims screeched in synthetic pain. Continue reading

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Ron Is My Hero!

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Non-Catalytic Reburn Chamber

“Pics or it didn’t happen.” Fine. Witness the discarded fruits of several hundred dollars of Scandinavian materials science. This, folks, is what a non-catalytic reburn chamber looks like.

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Wood Stove Innards

Finally he broke it free and slid it out. It was a cube with all sorts of pathways for flammable gas… my non-catalytic reburn chamber was a work of technological prowess! Who knew? I wouldn’t have been more surprised if he’d extracted… say, a penguin. I was in awe. Continue reading

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Wood Stove Repair As A Career. Someone Please Do It!

Failed wood stoves matter. Few other issues are so immediate. Politics, economic decline, Santa’s eminent arrival, thermonuclear war, and the amount of toilet paper in the pantry become irrelevant. One might fret if Congress hyperinflates the dollar to supply Federally mandated sex change operations for Communist illegal alien chipmunks with a criminal record but none of that truly matters; when the fire is out heat is the only thing on your mind. Continue reading

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Wood Stoves Are Not Metal Boxes

Back in the stone age, when Carter and his cardigan held office, OPEC raised the price of oil and Americans got a serious case of “balls in a vice syndrome”. Carter, showing the problem solving abilities of a chipmunk, orated … Continue reading

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The Wisdom Of Ron

A few days ago I said this: “We bought ALL the bacon! OK not ALL the bacon but a whole pig. Everyone knows that joy and bacon are basically the same thing, so imagine the stratospheric high of having well … Continue reading

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