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Today I decided to post one of Normal Rockwell’s less famous Thanksgiving images. “Refugee Thanksgiving” was released in 1943; around the middle of World War II. Happy Thanksgiving to all.

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A Phone Discussion About Phones

“I may have mentioned that I wouldn’t take on a monthly payment for something a silly as a phone if a supermodel begged me so I sure as hell wouldn’t do it for the turd in a shirt working the electronics counter.” Continue reading

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Today I’m trying to do nothing. What a novel concept! Someone smart, probably Gandhi or Yoda, once said “all things in moderation”. This makes perfect sense. Someone else, apparently a Roman poet, said carpe diem (“seize the day”). I like … Continue reading

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Ammo Seeker

I love her growl. It should be recorded and incorporated into heavy metal. It’s low and dark and tells you that something from deepest pit of hell has awoken. It makes you really really wish you weren’t in her territory. It makes you wish you weren’t even in the same time zone. Continue reading

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Bread: Is There Nothing It Can’t Do?

Forgive the saccharine writing and enjoy the happy little story. Like many grand accomplishments it started out as a gambit to make a few extra bucks while keeping a bored teenager off the streets. From there it has grown to a full fledged business. I for one am delighted to hear it. Continue reading

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My Bread Machine Is Dead, Long Live My Bread Machine

As I mentioned before; righteous and awesome bread mix engaged my bread machine in combat and defeated it.  Well played! Despite the fact that my late lamented bread machine has gone to appliance heaven I decided to get a replacement. … Continue reading

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A Salute To Marines And Vets

November 10th is the birthday of the U.S. Marines. I hope Jarheads worldwide, in active duty and retired, know how much America needs and benefits from their ability to throw down a good old fashioned ass kicking. Thanks to all. Today … Continue reading

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