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I Want A Carrier Pigeon

There is some sort of “if it saves one life” rule that if you hold a cell phone to your ear while driving a commercial truck, the cops punch you in the balls and ship you to Guantanamo. I never talk on the phone while driving (privately or commercially). Why? Because I’m driving dammit! However, should I, in a moment of weakness, answer a call while at the wheel of a dump truck I’m suddenly a terrorist. Continue reading

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Roof Rant: Part II

My fuse was lit again. What good can come of a unit of 97.9 square feet? Those Godless bastards had gone too far! I started winding up for a righteous speech about how 100 square feet is reasonable and everyone else needs to have my foot kicked so far up their… At this juncture Mrs. Curmudgeon said some soothing words (“shut up fool and pay the man”). Well said dear. Continue reading

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