All Hail The Slingshot Guy

From time to time I’ve been tuning in (is that a dated phrase?) to “The Slingshot Guy”.  For some reason I never mentioned this particular genius on my blog.  Time to rectify my oversight!

Background: Basically he’s a very pleasant German guy who has a hobby of building and firing slingshots.  Stand back when he does his stuff!  We’re not talking Tom Sawyer with a rubber band.

Also, and this is key, he says the most delightful things.  For example: “You know how much I like to weaponize Black and Decker so I built this…”  Anyone who utters the phrase weaponize Black and Decker is a mountain of awesome!

He’s getting better and better.  When I first watched him he was firing nine inch metal spikes.  By now he’s up to wheeled artillery and various large and pointy projectiles that would drop an elephant.  All with slingshot type propulsion.  Huzzah!

If there’s ever a zombie apocalypse he’s your “go to” guy for homemade mayhem!

Video 1: Wheeled Artillery; just what you need when someone steals your parking spot.  Money quote as he describes his newest creation: “it’s a little bit dramatic”.

Video 2: Shaka Zulu Assegai (steel pointed spear) firing crossbow.  Just what you need for deer hunting.

P.S.  Check out his other videos.  His shoulder mounted chainsaw launcher should get your attention simply because the world is a better place now that such a thing exists!

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4 Responses to All Hail The Slingshot Guy

  1. Damn, cool stuff. I subscribed.

  2. Southern Man says:

    The phrase “It’s chambered for the spear” should strike fear into the hearts of all your foes.

  3. Doctor Mingo says:

    Was that a French car that they were shooting?

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