News That You Haven’t Heard

I recently mentioned “undernews”; news that floats around the Internet but never gets past the mainstream media.  I’m not alone in assuming that most undernews stays undernews because it doesn’t fit the media’s ample, endless, overwhelming, predictable, defeatist,  and incontrovertible bias.  Lucky for us, journalists are driving themselves out of business.

I’m still annoyed that the media desperately hoped that Boston was bombed by a Tea Party nutter.  They where shocked shocked once the truth came out that the perpetrators were exactly what the rest of us expected.  The reality was terrorists from central casting but they were rooting for Bubba and his deer rifle to be secret monsters.  Who thinks like that?  The spin… it gets too much.

Well screw them and their bullshit!  As long as I’m cursing the darkness I might as well light a candle.  I’ve decided to go out of my way to mention positive stuff that the media buries.  Here’s something I’ll bet you didn’t know:

“2013 will have the lowest murder rate in a century”

Didn’t see that coming did ya?  Turn on the TV and you’ll find talking heads either encouraging the decay of society or moaning that society is crumbling.  Frankly we’re not necessarily always going to hell in a handbasket.  If trends hold (and things could change) we’re looking at the lowest rate of murder since buggy whips were a real industry.

Think about it.  The last time things were this good a family vehicle could be purchased for $550 and tanked up for eight cents a gallon.  2013 is likely to have a murder rate so low it predates the invention of chocolate chip cookies, Chia pets, Alaskan statehood, television, NFL football, Superman, McDonalds, and Shirley Temple (who is still alive by the way).  Isn’t that great news?  Of course it is!  Be happy and don’t forget that the talking heads on TV whine that life sucks because they are paid to look concerned and act depressed.  We don’t have to follow their lead.


Hat tip to The Miller.

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2 Responses to News That You Haven’t Heard

  1. dhawk says:

    Wow! Imagine that good news it can’t be true O the horror.

  2. the neophyte says:

    Obviously all of those guns they sent to Mexico has had a positive effect on the murder rate here in the US. Operation Fast and Furious is a SUCCESS

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