Won’t Somebody Please Sink A Truck?

I’ve said before that the surest sign of spring is when some procrastinating ice fisherman sinks a truck.  Well the ice conditions this year were superb.  You could have built a battleship on it.  Then, when things got warm-ish, everyone got their ice shacks on dry land with uncharacteristic efficiency.

No trucks were sunk!

Since then Mother nature has been a stone cold bitch.  I was out in the blustery snow this morning; swearing at my ATV’s winch cable (jammed again).  It was attached to my disabled ATV.  It had stalled when I crashed the snowplow into a block of slushy ice/snow mix I’ll call hell-crete and it wasn’t going anywhere until I shoveled enough to put a tire or two on the ground.  Here’s a hint: an ATV’s unstoppable force is actually quite stoppable.  When you jam it into theoretically compliant snow which is actually denser than a politician’s skull you learn that.  I careened off the seat like a Muppet flung from a catapult.

Did I mention my wood pile?  It’s totally adequate.  It’s also iced up like Greenland fell on it.   I clear the path to my “chosen” wood pile and let the others get covered.  In APRIL… freakin’ damned where’s my tulips April… my chosen one ran out.  I can unearth the others but I have to hurry because NOAA reports that the four horsemen of the Apocalypse are coming on a cold front by midnight.

If there’s any balance in the world it’s going to be an awesome autumn because early 2013 is not riding out winter… it’s surmounting a siege.

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5 Responses to Won’t Somebody Please Sink A Truck?

  1. Phil B says:

    Quit your whining. Consider yourself lucky you were on the ground when your truck got bogged down. At least you aren’t falling out of the sky with the cold …


    Phil B

  2. kx59 says:

    Perhaps you should relocate the homestead someplace where they have that thing called “Spring”, as opposed to “still winter”.

  3. Chris McDermott says:

    Here in Colorado as soon as Spring sprung the snow storms started. Third one in the last three weeks, get ready for some more snow cause it will be on it’s way of it ever leaves here.

  4. rapnzl rn says:

    Yah know, we really have to resist the urge to compare this “still winter” to last year’s “NO winter”. If I get through April without seeing a mosquito, I figure it’ll be a good year. My veggie seedlings are taking off, in the basement, where they are safe.
    Notice how quickly any conversation about global warming seems to have disappeared?

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