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The Shafted: Paul Kevin Curtis (2013) and Richard Jewell (1996)

If forget my shopping list there’s no chance I’ll remember its contents. However, I tend to remember the shafted. Today I want to mention two of their number. Continue reading

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The Best ISP / Cable Ad Ever

This video is hilarious (NSFW language): It reminded me of a post I wrote a couple of years ago: The Unbelievable Lightness Of Kicking Jackasses To The Curb.  It was about telephones because I won’t pay for cable, ever.  (Since … Continue reading

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There Is No Monopoly On Stupid: Part III

Ok, I’ve been dithering through two posts to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that: The Chevy Volt sucks so bad that even the craptacular Edsel (formerly considered the wheeled definition of unmitigated total automotive/financial disaster) was a resounding … Continue reading

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There Is No Monopoly On Stupid; Part II

In my last post I referred to the Edsel.  The reason I brought up the Edsel is because the Edsel was a world class failure in car marketing the likes of which modern man has seldom seen.  Also a reader … Continue reading

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There Is No Monopoly On Stupid; Part I

In about a thousand words I’m going to explain how I, the Curmudgeon, failed to be Adaptive and had a stupid thought.  Really.  I mean it! It all starts in 1958. In 1958 Ford Motor Company put all its weight … Continue reading

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Word For The Day: Ingalls

Ingalls – (Noun) A unit of measure by which all winter blizzards can be compared. Continue reading

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Tax Day: Shake It Off And Come Back Swinging

Even though it’s tax day, today is a good day. Why? Because the creeping monolith hasn’t yet kicked my ass. It probably hasn’t kicked yours either. We’re still here with all of the flag waving, gun clinging, obstreperous, inconvenient, self-actualized, American glory that makes “our betters” cringe. The nation that cured Polio and invented the monster truck isn’t yet a Socialist playpen. So smile dammit! Continue reading

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Won’t Somebody Please Sink A Truck?

I’ve said before that the surest sign of spring is when some procrastinating ice fisherman sinks a truck.  Well the ice conditions this year were superb.  You could have built a battleship on it.  Then, when things got warm-ish, everyone … Continue reading

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Totally True Facts

A blogger without Internet access is a truck driver equipped with a mule. I drove to a yuppie coffee shop (i.e. enemy territory) specifically for WiFi only to discover that their WiFi was down and the coffee I make in … Continue reading

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Did I Really Do That?

Quoth the Curmudgeon, “I didn’t post shit. It’s the 1880’s here.” Continue reading

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