David Sedaris can get a little preachy at times but the guy is a master storyteller.  This one hits it out of the park.  Apparently everything I’ve ever known (in America) about Santa is turned on it’s head by the Dutch  interpretation of Christmas.

Hat tip to Fire Mission: Hippies In The Open for this obscure gem.

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3 Responses to Santa

  1. Eowyn says:

    I feel compelled, strangely, for I well recall the stories of Black Peter and going to sleep on Dec 5th with a penknife in hand in case it was true – in which case I would certainly *need* the penknife to cut myself out of the bag before getting stuck in Spain.

    Where was I? Oh yes. I feel compelled to point out that Santa Claus and St Nicholas are two entirely different people celebrating different events. One’s even based on an actual historical event. That would be the one who likes tapas but won’t admit it, for fear of alienating his stroopwafel loving experimental subjects.

  2. You really need to look up “Rare Exports”.

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