Quote Of The Day

The N Word And The M Word takes apart the hopeless and pathetic idea that a designated victim group can declare certain words (or images) cannot be uttered by the rest of us.  Well done sir!  Here’s the money quote:

“When words, letters, pictures, even, are verboten, we are fucking Eloi.”

It starts with blacks who’ve beaten us white “oppressors” so much that even I, a blogger with the diplomatic skills of a weasel, refer to “the N word”.  (You know, the word that is in every third Rap song.) How did they do that?  I love inappropriate language and would swear in front of the Pope!  They even got to me!

After that he goes after Muslims who’ll get their panties in a bundle over a cartoon but happily plant bombs that kill Muslims in droves.  Yeah, I’d noticed that too.

P.S.  I linked Eloi for those of you who have been remiss in your reading of Science Fiction from 1895.

P.S.  In a related vein I’d like to mention Rattail Bastard.  He points out that “Piss Christ”, which infuriates Christians, is back on display in New York.  Christians aren’t likely to resort to bombs or beheadings because their religion has outgrown that shit.  Good point!

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1 Response to Quote Of The Day

  1. cspschofield says:

    Piss Christ is exhibit number one for why the National Endowment for the Arts needs to be ash-canned, so far as I am concerned. The endowment isn’t about preserving artworks of historical importance (which I would also question doing with tax money), but about funding selected Progressive in-jokes with money taken at metaphorical gunpoint from people who will be insulted by them. The progressive, elitist twits who get secretly orgasmic when reasonable people complain about something like Piss Christ need to be told to pay for their own perverse amusements.

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