Tommy Emmanuel

Sharp as a Marble discusses uptight gun nuts and ties it to Tommy Emmanuel hammering at a guitar like there’s no tomorrow.  Emmanuel does classical gas like it’s a mission.  First time in months I’ve wished my el-cheapo laptop had decent speakers.  Well done sir!

Before now I’d never heard of Mr. Emmanuel and now I think he deserves his own planet. You might want to tune into Sharp as a Marble too.

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1 Response to Tommy Emmanuel

  1. MaxDamage says:

    As a youth in the Midwest I took girls to REO Speedwagon concerts in order to, of course, get laid. This did not work, mainly because they all left the concert thinking not of me but of Gary the lead guitarist.

    Yeah. Note to self, never take a woman to a show of any type where somebody more attractive is appearing. Movies with Earnest Borgnine are good bets. Movies with Fabio are not.

    In the case of guitarists, it turns out Roy Clark is actually pretty good, in spite of being a banjo picker on Hee Haw back in the day and now old enough he’s probably not playing much longer. Pity, that. I watched Hee Haw for the girls, and turns out I was overlooking one of the most under-rated guitarists out there.

    There are times in a man’s life when he should just look in awe at the opposition and admit defeat. Saves a lot of time.

    – Max

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