Who Won “Last Night’s” Debate

This is delicious!  Jimmy Kimmel went out before the presidential debate and asked people “who won yesterday’s debate?” Trick question?  Yep!  Did people fall for it?  Yep!  Guess which side?

I’d like to think many Americans didn’t take the bait.  I pray that dozens of people said “there was no debate” or “I didn’t watch the debate”.  I’d even be happy with “I was too busy doing heroin”.  All of the above are intellectually honest answers.

Sadly, several (who knows how many) said “Obama won the debate…he rocks”. Is that not hilarious? Enjoy the show:

This reminds me of Romney’s “47% gaffe”.  The press pilloried him when he said 47% of the population would never, ever, under any circumstances vote for him.  Conservatives responded with a shrug.  To them it was merely a statement of fact.  (If expressed incredibly poorly.)  The press got the vapors.

Kimmel caught some of them on tape.  Anyone who will describe specific detailed memories of Obama winning a debate which hadn’t yet happened is, was, and will always remain unreachable.  Saying a true thing is only a “gaffe” in the mind of the kool-aid drinkers.

Hat tip to Small Dead Animals.

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2 Responses to Who Won “Last Night’s” Debate

  1. doubletrouble says:

    Heh. I saw another one today in which a guy at an O-man rally asked the participants about the president’s performance on the Benghazi attack.
    Those votes count just as much as mine.

  2. The last guy was best. He’s honest.

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