Obamaphone II

A recent post (Free Gas Versus Free Phone) is still resonating in my head.  I have another thought about the Obamaphone lady.

You may recall the kerfluffle when Mitt Romney said that 47% of the electorate simply wouldn’t vote for a Republican.  The press went apeshit about “the gaffe” while many of us thought it was simply a statistic (and one likely to be true).

Consider this money quote from the Obamaphone lady: “Romney, he sucks! Bad!” It sounds like she’s got her mind made up about whom she’ll vote for.

Only an idiot would coach Romney to reach out to this woman.  He doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell to win her vote and everyone knows it.  Yet, Mitt’s decision not to chase her vote caused the press to deconstruct his campaign as “failing”, label his words “a gaffe”, and demand an apology.

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