Chevy Volt Versus An Electric Vehicle That Isn’t Crap

I’d like my readers to view two video ads for electric vehicles.  The first video is a 3:26 ad for a group of electric motorcycles  (on the market today).

The second video is about 30 seconds, produced by General Motors, and advertises a car they’ve stopped building.  I already examined it in The Car We Were Forced To Build.  My introductory sentence was as follows:

“Watch it and you’ll be embarrassed to be in the same room with that level of saccharine bullshit.”

Note the difference between the two ads!  What does the motorcycle ad have:

  • Rock and roll
  • Pretty girls
  • Electric guitars
  • High speed (though it’s not super fast)
  • Wheelies, stoppies, driving in dirt

What do you learn from the motorcycle ad:

  • It’s electric
  • It charges everywhere
  • It’s fun
  • Girls and electric guitars and leather jackets and driving fast…It’s good to be alive!

Compare it to the Chevy Volt ad:

  • No pretty girls
  • No rock and roll
  • The car (almost) never moves under it’s own power.
  • The fastest the Volt moves is as a chassis on an assembly line that is actually slower than a couple of town dogs.

The juxtaposition of the two is why I can’t stop beating the living &^%$#$ out of Obama’s expensive green jobs horseshit unicorn-mobile.  But, and this is a ray of hope, the motorcycle actually looks kinda’ cool.  Remember, I’m not anti-electric car.  I’m anti-shitty overpriced crapfest that attempts to deny market forces (and fails miserably).  Also, all vehicle ads should show the vehicle being fun…this is how God intended it.  Every time a car shopper viewed the GM/Chevy Volt they dried their tears and purchased a Honda Civic.  Show me a vehicle ad that makes me want to weep and I’ll show you a government that shouldn’t be selling cars!

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1 Response to Chevy Volt Versus An Electric Vehicle That Isn’t Crap

  1. Joe in PNG says:

    Keep hitting this POS! I want this dead horse to be a crater to rival the Castle Bravo crater in Bikini Atoll.

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