I Have Witnessed A Chevy Volt… On Earth!

I had come to believe that the Chevy Volt were like unicorns.  Everyone can describe them (and some people weep at their beauty) but they don’t exist.  (Maybe they’re vampires?  They control the minds of the weak, suck the blood out of their victims, and are nearly impossible to kill?)

Yesterday I saw one.  I saw an actual real life Chevy Volt being driven on an actual road by (presumably) a human being.  I didn’t expect much but an electric car (of any kind) is kinda’ cool so I expected a little “wow factor”.

Instead it was just a shabby generic shitbox limping along the right turn lane.  It was quiet I guess.  It looked like the “V” part of the “Volt” placard had peeled back.  Other than that it was utterly unremarkable.

I guess I expect a $40,000 car to be at least as interesting as a Volvo.  This was more like something you’d drive if you couldn’t afford a Civic.  Oh well.

Also the guy driving it looked royally pissed off.  I can’t say why.  It’s not necessarily the car’s fault.  (Maybe someone dumped a piranha in his lap?)

At any rate let it be known that in the fall of the year 2012 I saw a living example of the shovel ready green technology of 2008.  There, I said it.  Having honestly admitted that they do exist on actual public roads I’m going to go back to hatin’ them.

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6 Responses to I Have Witnessed A Chevy Volt… On Earth!

  1. Martin says:

    I saw my first one last weekend, parked at a garage sale in Los Alamos. I was as flabbergasted as you. The lady (I’m presuming she was the owner) gave me the stink-eye when she overheard me remarking to my wife about how I’d never seen one in the wild and how it was like seeing an elf riding a unicorn through a double rainbow or something.
    Of course, it was parked. Maybe it doesn’t even run.

  2. Phil B says:

    You aren’t taking this self sufficiency thing too far and brewing your own moonshine and growing “ethnic” tobacco, are you? It might explain things.

    Phil B

  3. Joe in PNG says:

    I sort of remember spotting one at a Chevy dealership during my time in the USA… but in an out of the way corner. I didn’t go look at it- as there were Corvettes and Cameros to look at.

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