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Chevy Volt Versus An Electric Vehicle That Isn’t Crap

I’d like my readers to view two video ads for electric vehicles.  The first video is a 3:26 ad for a group of electric motorcycles  (on the market today). The second video is about 30 seconds, produced by General Motors, … Continue reading

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I Have Witnessed A Chevy Volt… On Earth!

I had come to believe that the Chevy Volt were like unicorns.  Everyone can describe them (and some people weep at their beauty) but they don’t exist.  (Maybe they’re vampires?  They control the minds of the weak, suck the blood … Continue reading

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You Didn’t Build That

Hat tip to Garage Logic.

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Tinfoil Hats And Federal Reserve Law Enforcement Officers

The problem with being paranoid is you might be right and therefore not paranoid at all.  This really takes the fun out of things. Case in point, “fiat currency”.  In a sane world you’d just have “money”.  Money makes sense.  … Continue reading

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Trying To Make Peace With The iNinjas

I carefully evaluate technology before embracing it.  Wiser men than myself have warned that it’s better to think things over a bit before swigging a New Coke, using a fancy derivative in your investment portfolio, or buying the first Betamax … Continue reading

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Washington Post Encourages My Bashing Of The Volt

For a while I made a hobby out of bashing the Chevy Volt.  Was I shooting fish in a barrel?  Yes; if by “shooting” you mean “detonate with a nuclear bomb” and by “barrel” you mean “area of ideologically driven … Continue reading

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This Fisherman Won’t Take The Bait

Warning: Political Content.  You are encouraged to ignore it. Every time I go on an extended wilderness trip and/or disconnect from communication (which is more often than you’d think) I’m hesitant to go back on the grid. As I said … Continue reading

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