Wal-Mart Bingo

I invented Obamacare Bingo(1) but this is even better!


As always you should Listen to Uncle Jay.

(1) No you may not see the Obamacare bingo cards.  You’ll just have to live through it.

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6 Responses to Wal-Mart Bingo

  1. This bingo card may be the only reason I decide to put on jeans instead of heading out in jammies to get more chocolate and ice cream later tonight.

      • I don’t own any crocs. I own trail sandals that are perfectly good for climbing mountains, boots that have survived years of airport maintenance, cross-country flying, warehouses, mountains, and mud, apair of nice boots for classy dates with Calmer Half, and a growing pile of far too damn expensive “athletic shoes”. Shoes shouldn’t be worn out ’til the duct tape patches over the holes don’t take, but after three months, these stupid shoes won’t stand up to ten miles a day on concrete floors without making my knees and ankles feel every step of it.

        Why would anyone own shoes that come with holes already in them?

  2. Drew, from the Souf. says:

    Walmart bingo. So true it hurts.

  3. Joe in PNG says:

    There should have been one for “Nobody at Ammo counter”

    • Woodman says:

      That is what the center square actually is. At least the last couple times I went to the local Walmart there was a sign saying where the ammo guy was.

      Not real sure why some of it is locked up behind the counter and why the rest of it is loose on the shelf though. What am I going to do, grab a box of .22 lr and throw them at you?

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