The Unstoppable: Nikola Tesla II

I know you’ll be shocked to discover this but not everything on the internet is true. Yeah, I know.  I’m stunned too.

I, supreme overlord of this blog, made a mistake.  I linked the following photo as an example of Nikola Tesla’s dual attributes of awesomeness and insanity:

It’s a double exposure and I reported it as real. I WAS FAKED OUT. This is the sort of thing that happens to losers like Dan Rather. Not me! I’ve given my editor (my dog) a stern warning that if it happens again I’ll deport her to the Gulag.

Then, because I had time to kill I’m persistent I found this:

Another double exposure.  I wonder what the hell he’s reading in that book.

I investigated further:

Tesla is the blurry image in the middle. This photo is (as far as I know) real.

From this I’ve determined that:

  1. Tesla was trying to electrocute Mark Twain.
  2. The photographic equipment available in 1894 could capture a clear image of a satirical author but not supernatural creatures like Tesla.

Tesla wasn’t always electrocuting authors or blurred out.  Occasionally he looked cool.

This is a gas-filled phosphor coated wireless light bulb. No, he didn’t buy it at Home Depot and yes it’s really lit without wires. Remember, this photo was taken in 1898! (Decades before we had the technology to make Zippo lighters or the Model T.) I’ll never look that cool.

I encourage you all to venture over to Tesla Universe.  If any of the information I mentioned is incorrect it’s their fault.  (Except the part about my dog being an editor… that would probably improve my blog but the dog refuses to work for free.)


P.S.  Thanks to KA9VSZ for pointing out my fallibility.  Good call!

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2 Responses to The Unstoppable: Nikola Tesla II

  1. KA9VSZ says:

    Ohmygawd ohmygawd you actually read my comment on the previous post. I’m tingly all over (and not just in my naughty bits, either)! Rockin’ coupla posts, BTW. I look forward to your words.

    • Enjoy the tingles… with a consenting adult (or not); provided it’s nowhere near my undisclosed secret bunker.

      Now that I’ve read and responded to your comment you can rest assured that your existence has been and will continue to be earth shatteringly awesome. (Though not as cool as a bacon sandwich. Really, is there anything better than bacon?) Congratulations.

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