Fauna Cluelessness

Curmudgeon Compound has an impressive TV antenna which came with the place.  I never hooked it up because fuck television! I’m lazy.

The past few mornings a woodpecker has been earnestly hammering away at the tall metal support pole.  I’ve heard of such things of course, but it still seemed out of whack.  Wild animals are generally clever buggers.  I assume the harsh realities of life see to it that the dumb ones are sorted out right quick.  This one, clueless enough to mistake smooth shiny metal for coarse tree bark, must have failed Woodpecker 101.  It had better get to a tree soon or it’s going to be a skinny woodpecker with a headache.  I just sayin’.

About Adaptive Curmudgeon

I will neither confirm nor deny that I actually exist.
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3 Responses to Fauna Cluelessness

  1. Mike says:

    FYI The reason why the woodpecker is pecking the metal pole as opposed to a wood tree is that he is trying to attract a mate. He does this by making noise and the louder the noise the better the chances..

    • A relative has informed me of the same thing. Two independent sources is more verification than the New York Times requires so I’ll believe it.

      A male bashing his head against metal to attract females, in my opinion, seems entirely reasonable and expected. It makes sense for birds too.

  2. Critter says:

    i have done worse things to attract a mate.

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