Phenology Followup: Springtime Gasoline Blovation

Is global warming climate change happening in the actual real world?  Frankly I think the whole idea is turned on it’s head by politics.  The concept of “static climate” is what’s full of holes.  Living in the Holocene we know that climate jumps all over the place.  For example; 10,000 years ago my backyard was under a glacier and now I can’t keep up with the lawn during summer.  Meanwhile from 800 to 1,200 Vikings were practicing agriculture in Greenland only to get their ass handed to them sometime around the late 1,300s.  Climate, like shit, happens.

I find the whole idea of climate variation interesting and coupled with political BS I see observable variation in the ebb and flow of seasonal cycles.  An amusing sign of seasonal cycles is the time of year when the government looses it’s shit (again) over the price of gas.  I tend to remember that as a dog days of summer concern but it does appear to be shifting to a springtime issue.

I theorise that politicians are getting ever quick to panic and increasingly unable to accept changes in the price of anything anywhere for any reason.  The cause could be anything; increasing economic illiteracy (deliberate or accidental), political grandstanding, or divisive attitudes could all contribute to this annual display of ignorance.  Maybe there are other factors I haven’t touched on.

But what is happening?  Lets consider a smattering of observations that I gathered in less time than it takes to drink a cup of coffee (unlike politicians I’ve got work to get done and can’t waste all day “emoting” over things I dislike and attempting to somehow control price signals.)

What I’ve noted as follows:

A dozen years ago it was late June.  (That’s about what I expected.  I consider that my “default” expectation.) Six years ago it was late April.  Four years ago it backed up to late May but by last year it had receded again to late April.  This year is the earliest ever with a mid-March onset.

Looks like a dozen years of generally earlier onset of “gasoline psychosis”, albeit with a brief remission in 2011.  Only time will tell what will happen in 2013 but if trends continue it’ll be somewhere between early April or mid/early March.

Of course, Congress could learn that gasoline, like everything, is subject to market forces.  Ha ha ha…I’m just kidding.  Bet on an outbreak of cluelessness in April 2013 and you’ll probably have called it a year in advance.


P.S.  My “truck of doom” has a huge fuel tank and can go a long time between fuel ups.  I didn’t need to but I recently topped it off because I expected prices to be higher in the following weeks…which it was.  This, is by definition “speculation”; something that Congress seems to think causes high prices (a lot like how wet pavement makes rain).  They also seem to think they can eliminate it by writing words on paper.  Good luck with that.

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8 Responses to Phenology Followup: Springtime Gasoline Blovation

  1. cspschofield says:

    It is becoming increasingly clear to me that we need to ban all forms of air-conditioning within the boundaries of the District of Columbia. This would return Wonderland On The Potomac to the conditions that caused the British Foreign Office to classify it as a hardship post equal in discomfort to Rangoon. It would discourage Congresscritters from spending much time in the district, which in turn would limit the amount of time they had to waste on matters that are none of their beeswax, or beyond their comprehension, or both.

    It would also reduce the ranks of the Government through heatstroke and (we can hope) Malaria.

    • Good idea!

      Politicians who advocate most for “green” energy regulations should be first in line to have their air conditioner axed. Perhaps they could also travel back to their home state using non-airline mass transit. I’d pay solid money to see a California senator make the trip by Greyhound.

      • cspschofield says:

        Now, you know perfectly well that requiring them to use non-flying mass transit would result in the revival of Amtrac and the institution of Private Cars for Congresswine (paid for by us, of course).

      • Tragically yes.

        In an idea world I’d require they wear a tri-cornered hat and ride a horse.

  2. Joe in PNG says:

    And while we’re at it, let’s put a restraining order on any former congresscritters, senators, or cabinet flunkies, in that they should stay at least 100 miles away from DC.
    Also, let’s restore some of the old time DC swamps and marshlands (say, around the beltway). That way the Malarial mosquitos have a place to be re-introduced to.

  3. Firehand says:

    Told the kids years back that “Washington wanted DC built in a malarial swamp so it’d be so damned uncomfortable that most would want to come to town, get business done, and go home. And then somebody invented a/c and screwed that up.”

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