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Modern Miracles

An optimist thinks we live in the best of all possible worlds.  A pessimist fears that it’s true.  Adaptive Curmudgeons like to focus on the little things that make life better.  The following things are modern miracles which we should … Continue reading

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Livin’ The Dream

Homesteading is a mysteriously complex activity; beset with obscure and improbably strange challenges.  There comes a time when your hands are half frozen and you’ve used your last match and you think to yourself that any activity involving a propane … Continue reading

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The Volt (As Was Always Its Fate) Swirls The Drain

Its an economic reality two-fer. The invisible hand of the market is delivering a predictable and unavoidable dope slap to yahoos who keep spending my taxes on bullshit. Continue reading

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Bread: Misinformation Alert!

You have been denied mission critical, need to know, information.  The recipe post had a flaw! I screwed up royally Some idiot (who is totally not me) typed the wrong temperature for the oven.  The mistake has been rectified and … Continue reading

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Curmudgeonly Cooking: Bread VIII: Tips

Some tips about cooking: A grain mill to grind wheat into flour seems weird but if you can hack the price it’ll make your food taste better. It takes X minutes to prepare a four loaf / four pound dough … Continue reading

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Curmudgeonly Cooking: Bread VII: Paydirt

The title of the book that is my bread bible is called “Bread In Five Minutes A Day”. This is because you can (in theory) use the goop you’ve stored in your fridge to form a bread loaf in under … Continue reading

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