Springtime Miracle

When you tinker with homesteading you soon realize that mother nature is a steamroller and you are a worm on the road of life. That’s not to say that mother nature hates you; only that there is no definition of “no mercy” quite like the elements.

However, sometimes you luck out. This year, for no reason whatsoever, the ice dams suddenly melted! Those of you who live in the south will never understand how “roof” and “ice” can lead to misery.

I’m beside myself with joy. I’ve been meaning to fix the roof but, like many things on my to-do list, it keeps getting delayed. As a general rule you pay the price for such insolence. Even retrieving the roof shovel (yes, such a thing exists and they suck more than you can imagine) was an exercise in misery. (I’d carefully stored it in a place where it froze solid. A tactical mistake that led to propane, slippery ladders, and a great deal of swearing.)
This year the sun came out and cut me some slack. Trust me when I say I’m truly grateful for the lucky break. (Mother nature is darned good at teaching humility too.)

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3 Responses to Springtime Miracle

  1. bluesun says:

    How many pickup trucks have fallen through the ice, though?

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