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Critter Cohabitation: Part II

The invader was doomed. It had assaulted the homeland (er… home barn) and was therefore sentenced to death. I’m merciless about that. Rats and raccoons should know better. They’re smart and should know that looking for free food will get you into trouble with me. (I’m looking at you OWS!) Continue reading

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Two Rules Of Critter Cohabitation: Part I

Recently a critter and I tangled. It caused me to reflect on my “two rules of critter cohabitation”…
…Ten words. I’m a simple man. Failure to heed them is punishable by shotgun. I don’t do warning shots. Continue reading

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Take heart in this. The two parties might jointly encourage gutless dependent losers but we’re not merely blank slates and unmolded clay. For every soulless pasty killjoy with a clipboard counting our calories and lecturing about mass transit there’s a opposing maniac howling at the moon and trying to turbocharge his bass boat. We’re free on the inside and we act that way…with all the crazy foolishness that freedom entails. We’re an entirely different people than controllers imagine. Continue reading

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The Car We Were Forced To Build

It makes me cringe. It’s dour propaganda from behind the iron curtain in 1978. The ad appeals to our patriotic duty to buy it and imposes guilt and obligation. It implies we must buy a Volt or poor people in a little town in Michigan won’t have jobs. As if you might make little Timmy starve in his crib if you happen to buy a Ford Focus. Continue reading

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Volt Learning Curve; Reality With A Sledgehammer

Well you can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs. At least the government (or the President) has learned from the fact that unsubsidised auto makers are eating the Volt’s lunch? Whoops, maybe not. Looks like a double down on rainbow cars and a complete inability to look at a mistake and say “lets stop doing that thing which doesn’t work so well”. Color me surprised: Continue reading

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Phantom Driver

This really happened: I stopped at a gas station in the middle of nowhere.  I pulled off the road and had to choose which pumps to go to.  Instead of heading for the two pumps up front (the land of … Continue reading

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Phenology Update: Spring 2012

If somebody sinks a truck and I don’t know about it…is it still spring? Continue reading

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The Future Is Now…And Its Weird

Being semi-off grid I occasionally stumble onto a rift in the iDevice/Google/Microsoft continuum. The technological equivalent of a society which is simultaneously bitchin’ cool and too clueless to survive. Today was such a day. Continue reading

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In Honor Of Our Friends In The U.K.

…my computer has decided that I’m British. The reason I know this is that my spell check keeps telling me that “color” is “colour”. I’ve been living without spell check for a couple of months and that’s fine. However I’m getting sick of it yelling at me for using redneck America spelling; which is perfectly cromulent for an American redneck like myself. Continue reading

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Springtime Miracle

When you tinker with homesteading you soon realize that mother nature is a steamroller and you are a worm on the road of life. That’s not to say that mother nature hates you; only that there is no definition of “no mercy” quite like the elements. Continue reading

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