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Liebster Huh?

A couple weeks ago I got a nomination to this prestigious(?) award. Today I decided I’d better do my part and respond. Continue reading

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Culinary Report

Wild rice (gathered by canoe!) with slow cooked chicken (downsized the flock!).  Fresh ground whole wheat baked into bread and served hot with melting butter. Beer. Apple crisp for desert. Absolutely nothing fancy.  Delicious!  A good meal should pass the … Continue reading

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An Opportunity (Part V Of My OWS Analysis)

If you think the student loans you voluntarily accepted are a the worst of all possible tragedies, life has been very kind to you. Be thankful. Continue reading

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Historic Serious Protests (Part IV Of My OWS Analysis)

Unlike hobby protests, serious protests can be (and usually are) brutal. Hobbyists who marinate in 1960’s rose colored memories (often through second hand exposure) think protests are fun. Serious protests are not fun. Serious protests are something to avoid. Avoiding chaos is the whole purpose of society. Societies, organizations, governments, free citizens, and subjects alike all would rather avoid serious protests. Continue reading

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Historic Hobby Protests (Part III Of My OWS Analysis)

I coined the term “hobby protest” to describe the type of protests where people take to the streets for seemingly minor issues and with seemingly ill defined goals. Occupy Wall Street (OWS) isn’t the first of them and it won’t be the last. What are some other examples? Continue reading

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Full Examination Of Hobby Protest (Part II Of My OWS Analysis)

Most tellingly, “hobby protests” only exist where they are tolerated (even coddled). Berkley has protests constantly. Why? Because pepper spraying a hippie is their version of “oppression”. China has been quiet since 1989. Why? Because the government killed about 800 people in Tienanmen Square. Continue reading

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Word For The Day: Hobby Protest / Serious Protest (Part I Of My OWS Analysis)

Hobby Protest – noun: A form of protest where participants engage in theatric activities for the joy of the experience itself and not necessarily for the advancement of their goals (if they have any). Continue reading

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