Liebster Huh?

A couple weeks ago I got a nomination to this prestigious(?) award.

The shadowy Liebster organization is jointly run by George Soros and the Koch Brothers to unknown ends.*

A “nominating” e-mail arrived a couple weeks ago and promptly ignored it. Then someone’s blog linked to mine (probably while I was doing something pointless like gazing at my woodpile or fretting over inflation).  Today I decided I’d better do my part and respond.

I’m supposed to “nominate” five other “small” blogs and send the award on to them. Thus keeping the chain letter going forever. Since rules annoy me and I’m only half aware of what’s going on in the “blogosphere” I’m going to nominate only one blog.

The Ultimate Answer To Kings. Go there and read it.  Now!  I’m something of a homesteader myself and know how tough it can be.  Joel at UATK seems to be going at it with endless gusto and therefore his blog is a great read.

I discovered I’d been nominated twice and I hadn’t said thanks or anything. Apparently I don’t play well with others.  But better late than never; thanks to Excels at Nothing who confused me with someone who is smart and Den of the Wolfman who groks that this is all a plan for total domination by our internet overlords. He also beat me to the punch by ignoring the chain letter method and nominating only one blog; mine (blush!).  Thanks to all.


*I’m making that up.

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1 Response to Liebster Huh?

  1. Joel says:

    “Endless gusto.” Shiny! Thanks, AC.

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