Accelerated Scheduling

I have long considered it a done deal that Athens would plunge into riots this summer. However, I expected the winter chill to keep things from boiling over for a while. Either I’m too much of a northerner and overestimate a Greek winter or (and this is more likely) I underestimated folks’ ability to confuse “bitching about things we dislike” and “changing things we dislike”.

Thus Athens is said to be in riots recently because apparently “austerity” can be counteracted by rioting. Really? And how is this supposed to help?

In honor of Greek “excitement” I’m posting a set of articles I wrote around Christmas and had planned to post around May. Is that not adaptive? (At least more so that burning cars to make money appear?)

The first post (which is not specific to Greece but rather rioting) arrives tomorrow.

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1 Response to Accelerated Scheduling

  1. jefferson101 says:

    Greece? Hide and watch what goes on here this Summer and Fall.

    Greece is pretty much nonexistent, from my perspective. Once the “Occupy” folks get back out for the Summer, things are going to get somewhat interesting here.

    The Greeks can go do whatever they want to. We’re going to have too many fools in the streets here at home to be bothered by them, actually.

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