Word For The Day: Welfare Hours

Welfare Hours – noun: The hours of the week which were historically associated with work.  Generally between 9 am and 5 pm Monday through Friday.

Usage: “After work I stopped at the Hicksville general store for a chicken feeder and some work gloves but they were closed.  They’re only open ‘welfare hours’.  I guess I’ll never shop there again.”

Once upon a time most Americans worked.  They did this to get money which they used to buy stuff.  None of this process was particularly unusual.  Businesses interested in selling items to employed consumers had to be open additional hours to accommodate their hard working clientèle.  For example, staying open later at night or on Saturdays.  Businesses that didn’t open the extra hours were sneered at as operating on “Banker’s Hours”.

Times have changed.  I feel like the last guy on earth who does a “normal” 40 hour week.  In fact, the need for a “job” in this time of Obama magic has come under some scrutiny.  The majority might be made of retired folks, unemployed folks, students, and folks on welfare.  Working stiffs like me have become uncommon…and now we appear to have become irrelevant.

Stores in my rural area are steadily reducing their hours.  If you have a mundane “job” you’ll never be able to shop there.  Losers like me are screwed.  I find myself shopping more and more on the Internet just because stores other than Wal-Mart and Target are closed during any reasonable hour.

Stores seem to be doing fine marketing to the great multitude of people who are inexplicably free to shop at say 2:00 pm on a Tuesday.  Why worry about the last dinosaur who’s still foolish enough to draw a paycheck?

Not that I’m bitter…

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3 Responses to Word For The Day: Welfare Hours

  1. kx59 says:

    I love it when I can work a 40 hour week. It’s almost like a paid vacation.
    Mine usually run 50 to 60. (and sometimes worse).
    I’m getting too old for this shit.

  2. MSgt B says:

    Did you catch Newt’s comments on the same during the last debate?

    The old man was on fire.

  3. Tam says:

    I refer to it as “catering to the unemployed”, a business model that does not strike me as geared to success.

    If you are a small sole proprietor and need manageable hours and a controllable payroll, the ticket is to be open from noon to nine, not nine to five.

    I would also remind the pennywise & pound-foolish entrepreneur that mortgages and property taxes are not prorated for the hours you are not open, and that you can only generate income while you’re running up the power bill with the light in the “OPEN” sign.

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