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2012 Cassandra Report I: Predictions 1 – 12

The problem with prognostication is not the risk of being wrong, it’s the frustration if you’re right but still have to sit through the train wreck. Unfortunately, you must put your words on the record before you’re allowed to perch on a bar stool watching the Republic burn while saying “I told you so”. In no particular order I make the following predictions: Continue reading

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Volt Revolt

In recent testing Volts caught on fire…Ha ha ha. In all actuality I don’t care if the Volt catches on fire. I just like making fun of Volts and catching on fire is hardly a good thing. But one of my six loyal readers took me to task… Continue reading

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The Unstoppable: The Healy and the Renda

Did I just witness the U.S. coast guard dutifully assisting the delivery of Korean diesel? To Alaska? Continue reading

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I Just Plain Love Hammering The Chevy Volt

It’s no surprise I loathe the Chevy Volt. I should be finished with it now. But I can’t help myself. The Volt is a big red neon target of stupidity that calls to me. “Pound me to dust”, it says. Who am I to ignore the voices? Somebody give me a hammer! Continue reading

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Word For The Day: Green Jobs II: Response

Misanthrope: Noun – A person who dislikes humankind and avoids human society. Harsh! But perhaps I had it coming. Continue reading

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It Is Merely A Coincidence

…that I posted about “green jobs” (tomorrow) and it wound up sandwiched right between twin rants about my favorite whipping boy (the Chevy Volt). It was not planned. It is an artifact of scheduling. Continue reading

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The Chevy Volt’s Slogan: FAIL Of The Century

The slogan on the Volt’s web page was:

“Somebody has to be the first.”

Here’s how it sounds to me:

“In a tuberculosis outbreak, someone has to be first.” Continue reading

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Go Team Freedom!

I’d previously noted that Americans bought a record number of guns in November. Why? Because we’re awesome, that’s why! But wait! There’s more! Continue reading

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Rhymes with Cars & Girls has todays flash of brilliance: “The Smart People are about to pillory Mitt Romney for having worked for a sort of firm the existence of which they suddenly decided a few days ago was a … Continue reading

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Spam Muse

Why should I not have cake from Norwegian carrots? Sounds delicious! This is surely a logical response to foaming at the mouth about the Chevy Volt. Continue reading

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