Failure Of My Cheapskate Nature

I was driving home with another trailer of free wood.  (Blessed are the possessors of the chainsaws for the dead tree shall provide their heat.)  I was in a good mood because… well duh…the wood was free.  Free wood is puppy dogs and sunsets!  Free wood is money in the bank, fuel for the furnace, and landscaping all in one!  It’s miraculous in it’s absence of liquidity.  Ever seen a lawyer come and steal half your firewood?  Had a politician skim 10% of the top of the cord?  Had it vanish in a hard drive crash?  I think not.  Free wood is peace and joy damnit!

My joy made me stupid.  I decided to make one small purchase and stopped in town.  (What was I thinking?)  Shoppers were in full hormonal rush but I slipped truck and trailer into a parking lot and made a beeline for my intended product.  I picked it up and headed to the checkout feeling smug for having dodged Christmas commercialism.

Then, and I don’t know how this happened, I went apeshit and picked up an armload of stocking stuffers.  Great Caesar’s Ghost…what came over me?  I never make “impulse” buys.  None of it was a bad purchase but I just sorta’ don’t like to buy anything more expensive than a six pack.  (Impulse buys don’t fit with the mid of a guy who celebrates free wood at the death of a scraggly old tree.)  But I went and did it.  Go figure.

Oh well…it’s good stuff, I could afford it, and the price was right.  I have no regrets.  (But I ‘aint setting foot in a store again for a couple weeks!)

Just a few of the stocking stuffers I suddenly "needed".

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12 Responses to Failure Of My Cheapskate Nature

  1. doubletrouble says:

    Forgive yourself for this particular impulse buy; those items are necessities!

    Merry Christmas, AC.

  2. Doctor Mingo says:

    Those are GREAT stocking stuffers! I’m still waiting for Santa to bring me an M4 upper receiver.

  3. Joe in PNG says:

    Free wood, ammo, and now all you need is wiskey, and the trifecta would be complete!

    I looove me some free wood too, but more for “look at this cool bass I made from a half rotted maple pallet skid” than for a need to heat my house. After all, houses in Florida and New Guinea are often heated for free!

  4. MSgt B says:

    Merry Christmas Curmudgeon!
    You can stuff my stocking with ammo anytime!

    (Wow. That didn’t come out the way I thought it would.)

  5. Peter says:

    Blessings of the season to you and yours.

  6. Mmmm…. sweat equity firewood… ambrosia.

  7. Pumice says:

    You must have stronger stockings than I do.

    I hope since it is Christmas that it is all defensive ammo.

    Grace and peace.

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