Kim Jong Il Is Dead

Kim Jong Il is dead.  Adios fucker!

North Korea’s batshit crazy repressive dictator is the kind of guy who’s death improves the world.  Can you imagine being that pathetic?  What a waste of human potential.  The only sadness is that his repressed peasants didn’t get the pleasure of shooting him themselves.

Foreign policy wonks are worried that someone even worse will step into his place.  Who?  Stalin’s corpse?  The zombie of Pol Pot?  Kim Il Jong was a failure and a walking punchline.  How low can the bar get?

Kim Jong Il never did anything right.  He never cared for his people.  He never did anything inspiring.  He was never anything than a loser robot his father bred to carry on the family mantle of incompetence.  He was a mindblowing combination of incompetent and evil.  The only reason Kim Jong Il starved some 3,000,000 people is because that’s all he could accomplish.  He did the maximum evil with the maximum power which was handed to him on a silver platter.

What a crock to elevate a chimp like Kim Jong Il to any position of authority.  He shouldn’t have been running a carwash or tomato patch and they put him at the helm of a nation.

Worse yet it was power that was too concentrated.  No man should be able to kill millions.  No man should have the chance to enslave his nation.  There was no rational reason why a man-child like Jong Il had any power at all.

I decided to link a chart that compares the performance of free south Korea and repressed north Korea.   It’s not a perfect comparison but the two are a akin to a controlled experiment into how badly a centralized economy can screw it’s subjects.  The two nations started out roughly similar in the 1970’s but one has risen considerably while the other has has been circling the drain through two idiot losers with far too much power.

From the Washington Post. (Image is linked.)

Never underestimate the ability of a leader to destroy his people if he has centralized control of everything.


P.S.  While I’m at it I’d like to suggest that any succession planning that examines the entire 3.8 billion population of planet earth and decides that the best possible human being to serve his people just by chance happens to be a member of the immediate family?  Fuck off!  It was monumentally stupid with Kim Il Sung -> Km Jong Il -> Kim Jong Un but it’s not particularly impressive when it happens anywhere.

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3 Responses to Kim Jong Il Is Dead

  1. MSgt B says:

    KIm Jong Un is an awesome guy and he’s going to turn North Korea around and make it the most productive and wealthy nation on the planet.

    Sant Claus is coming to town.

    The Obamanator is the best thing that ever happened to this country.

    I am the Easter Bunny.

  2. Doctor Mingo says:

    Loved the perm though.

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