Larry Correia Hits One Out Of The Park

I’ve tried to keep posts about Occupy Wall Street’s movement in participatory street playgroups to a minimum. I prefer instead to focus on things that are important like tractors, chickens, and turkey sandwiches.

My pragmatic side fears the OWS children (for they are hardly adults) are on the knife edge between ignorable belligerent morons and dangerous belligerent morons. I’d hate to see them overdose on the glory of the media’s dry humping and do something they regret. Better to let them wallow in their own fail and hope they get tired and go home to mommy.

Also I presume they’ve got a short shelf life; at least for 2011. Like dogshit on the lawn they’ll lose relevance as the snow gets deeper.

But Larry Correia was willing to pitch some grade A ridicule in the pinko / hippie movement’s face. “More reasons why the Occupy movement sucks and is lame” is priceless.

First he starts with the most beautiful picture I’ve seen in weeks.  Rather than link to Correia’s version I put it up here and linked it to the New Your Post’s article”Ex-cop boots OWS heckler from congressman’s swearing-in“.

Kevin Hiltunen, a Marine vet and retired NYPD officer, risks getting patchouli and stupidity all over his hands as he escorts a dirty hippie from a Queens High School.

Correia says “The half of America that works for a living is going to print this picture and frame it”.  He’s right.

Then Correia tears the media a new one for trying to equate civilized and purposeful TEA Party events to coddled OWS tantrums:

“Both sides agree that the body politic is unhealthy. The Tea Party solution is the replace the defective parts and put the body on a diet. The OWS solution is to transplant its brain with a cabbage. Then set it on fire.”

A few quotes can’t do it justice.  I implore you to go to Monster Hunter Nation for the whole text.

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