Win Win Chicken Trade II

About a month ago I gave away some chickens.  I still had several that needed homes (either the freezer or with someone else who will buy their feed).   I procrastinated because butchering old laying hens is a hassle.

The chickens, perhaps recognizing that I do not run a union shop, produced more eggs than expected.  In fact, they laid so efficiently that I started wondering if I should just keep them another winter.  I even found some new egg buyers and cashed in on the extra supply.  Ka-ching.

But winter is coming and my labor hours are limited. I reluctantly scheduled their day of reckoning for this weekend. Even if they made a profit (which they were) I’d have to butcher them to free up time in for battling snow drifts in January.

At the last minute they got a reprieve.  We found someone who needed chickens! We arranged a trade. The other folks got a couple dozen chickens (who’ve been laying eggs like crazy) and I got a slightly used incubator.

It looks like this:

It looks disturbingly like a very overpriced Styrofoam beer cooler.

It looks like it works.  I’ve been assured it was owned by a little old lady who only drove it on Sundays.  The last I saw of the chickens they looked happy in their new surroundings.  I love it when a deal works for everybody

P.S.  I’m going to ask Santa for an egg turner…and world peace.  I’m betting I might get an egg turner.

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2 Responses to Win Win Chicken Trade II

  1. MaxDamage says:

    Forget the egg-turner. Eggs only need to be turned once a day, twice if you’re feeling generous and the little things are close to hatching. An egg turner will be one item you trust with your livestock right up to the point of complacency, whereupon it will fail and you’ll lose your flock.
    Spending a couple of minutes to turn them by hand each day ensures you also take the time to check the temperature, perhaps candle a few to ensure proper development, and otherwise are looking after your investment.

    Coffee makers and bread machines you can leave to run on their own. Incubators, like tractors, need to have their vitals checked regularly to ensure they’re operating within spec.

    – Max

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