Lifesized Rubik’s Cube

I recently acquired a slightly used office desk. Like most furniture I own it’s made of slabs of pressboard with the bare minimum woodgrain surfacing. Like most furniture I own it’s been disassembled roughly five hundred times and it’s broken in several places. Of course I retrieved it in a disassembled state and instructions are unheard of.  (Who needs instructions anyway.)

I just had to look at the pieces until I got it figured out.

This is a lot like “free firewood”. It’s totally awesome, provided I bust my ass assembling it.

Well ya’ know what? I did it! Yeah man…it worked.  I’ve got one of my computers sitting on it right now.  Eleventy dozen screws and pins and holes and tabs actually lined up. I can’t believe it. The woodgrain surfacing even matches the flooring in my secret lair home office.  It’s a win of the cheapskate lottery.

It’s almost too good for a loser like me.  I never expected to get far beyond the plywood and sawhorses stage of life.  I’m pretty much a function over form kind of guy anyway.  I’m not used to it but it won’t take long for me to spill soldering tin and coffee on it…then it’ll look like something I own.

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1 Response to Lifesized Rubik’s Cube

  1. Joe in PNG says:

    I kind of wonder what kind of desk I have- I’ve never seen it, but I assume that there is something under all of those papers and computer stuff holding it up…

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