Another Golden Pravda Winner

The Golden Pravda is a coveted award issued to recognize excellence in obfuscation wherever and whenever it is found.

The Golden Pravda is not issued according to a set schedule but rather at the discretion of a Curmudgeonly blogger.

(Note: Some people have argued that a yahoo with a keyboard and no other journalistic qualifications should not wield such immense power.  Others have pointed out that only a distant third party observer can make rational evaluations.  Debates on this matter inevitably hinge on one’s evaluation of credentialed Norwegians giving Yasser ArafatAl Gore, and Barack Obama Nobel peace prizes for blowing up discotheques, whoring Global Warming, and being Black respectively.)

A few days ago I issued my first Golden Pravda to NPR for sitting on the Gunwalker scandal eleven months after whistleblowers broke the story and then only mentioning it obliquely.  I was impressed.  It takes dedication to remain so studiously uninformed. 

Today I’m issuing a runner up award; The Silver Pradva.  This time to CNBC for showing six republican presidential hopefuls (including low probability folks like John Huntsman) while eliminating Herman Cain from the display.  Hat tip to Captain Capitalism (who pays more attention than me).  I’ve decided to limit it to a Silver Pravda (instead of the illustrious Golden Pravda) because I didn’t find the same display when I looked at CNBC (thankfully Captain Capitalism preserved a screenshot), because CNBC bores me so much I can’t really take them seriously, because I’m in a good mood, and because I’m keeping my powder dry for the upcoming election season.

Just for the record I checked out Cain’s current Gallup numbers:

See the guy who's 78% ahead of his nearest competitor in "Positive Intensity"? Yeah, he's apparently irrelevant.


P.S. (Ironically my first Golden Pravda mentioned that NPR took the time to flog Cain before dealing with the minor detail of the Executive Branch fomenting illegal international gun running. Perhaps Golden Pravda candidates are a hive mind? I entreat future candidates to come up with unique obfuscation. Show some spirit!)

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