Bread Is Not Oak

Homemade bread stored in the freezer is as solid as a block of wood.

But this is not a permanent state.

It took me a minutes to come to my senses and wait for it to thaw.  All you fellows out there can learn from my impatience; put down the chainsaw and chill out.  There are worse fates than waiting a half hour before you can make toast.

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10 Responses to Bread Is Not Oak

  1. Nancy R. says:

    A bandsaw works much better in this case.

  2. Excellent idea! Buying tools is always a good thing. I definitely need a bandsaw.

  3. Ruth says:

    Allow to cool completely, cut it into slices, rebag tightly, THEN freeze. Its almost always possible to pry off a slice or two even when frozen rock solid.

  4. Joe in PNG says:

    The same holds true for frozen meat. A little advanced planning works better than chopping away at a frozen chunk of beefy goodness… plus results in less blood and fewer broken kitchen knives.

  5. Nancy R. says:

    A bandsaw works on frozen meat, too.

  6. Joe in PNG says:

    And quite well- I worked in a butcher’s once and saw (heh) it go through frozen bone and meat like something that goes through something quickly.

    Problem is, I’d want the bandsaw to cut up innocent bits of wood into guitar shapes, and meat residue is bad for tone… or smell…

  7. Nancy R. says:

    Joe in PNG: Can’t you just have two blades? One for flora and one for fauna?

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