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Larry Correia Hits One Out Of The Park

I presume Occupy Wall Street’s popularity will have a short shelf life; at least for 2011. Like dogshit on the lawn they’ll lose relevance as the snow gets deeper. Continue reading

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Win Win Chicken Trade II

About a month ago I gave away some chickens. But I still had several that needed homes (either the freezer or with someone else who will buy their feed). I procrastinated because butchering old laying hens is a hassle. Continue reading

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Survivor Chicken

Chickens are like people in that some are brighter than others. Mine are free range chickens which puts them in the Mensa/Survivalist chicken league. Continue reading

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Black Friday?

It’s 12:05 am. Officially it’s the day after Thanksgiving. Time for the first turkey sandwich. (My favorite part of the feast!) Apparently some people associate this day with shopping. I have no idea why.

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Happy Thanksgiving

We have a great deal for which we should give thanks. Here are a couple of images to put you in the Thanksgiving mood. (I’ve always liked Norman Rockwell’s paintings because they’re the absolute polar opposite of trendy and ironic.) … Continue reading

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Starting The Week Off Right

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Lit Candles II

Yesterday I posted a list of small freedoms that make life better and are the canary in our National coal mine.

I noticed that virtually everything on my list, harmless or not, is opposed by somebody somewhere. Continue reading

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Lit Candles

Since Thanksgiving will soon be upon us I thought I’d make a little list of freedoms. Not the big freedoms like guns, religion, and speech. Smaller ones. Things just make life better. The canaries in the coal mine. Continue reading

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My Vision Of An Excellent User Interface

We’ve all had dreams where we imagine we’re doing work tasks. Doesn’t that suck? All night long your subconscious pretends you’re working like a dog. Then you get up and do it for real. Ugh… Continue reading

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Lifesized Rubik’s Cube

I recently acquired a slightly used office desk. Like most furniture I own it’s made of slabs of pressboard with the bare minimum woodgrain surfacing. Like most furniture I own it’s been disassembled roughly five hundred times and it’s broken … Continue reading

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